The Automobile

The Automobile By: Shelby Parke


The automobile rapidly started growing in the 1920’s. Henry Ford led the automobile industry with the Ford Motor Company, which produced new and better models each and every year. Henry Ford made lower cost vehicles through mass production 3 out of 4 cars were bought on installment plans.
One large reason to the success of the automobile was America’s booming economy, which was due to the end of World War I and the return of soldiers. When the automobile first entered the market it was to appeal only the upper class, but eventually the automobile became on such high demand that it became affordable to the middle class as well. With the growing popularity of the automobile, all states by 1918 required license plates. The license plates were a red piece of paper with information written on them.
The automobile gave birth too many new ideas and opened up a world of opportunity. “Auto Camping” became very popular, people would get a tent and go to the beach for a weekend! Also people started to travel more and that opened up the industry for motels, inns, and roadside restaurants. All of these new industries created thousands of jobs for Americans across the country.


The automobile also had a few negative affects on America as well. The appearance of the gas stations was not very appealing as well as the restaurants and inns. They had big bright lights and very large signs which made them very unattractive! Also the trucks began to cut into the freight train business they started to haul supplies for various companies therefore; making business very slim for the freight trains.
The automobile not only affected industries it also affected the highway systems. Automobiles became so popular that they had to make new roads as well as redo the roads that were not wide enough or that could not stand up to the traffic. Between 1921 through 1941 the United States spent $40 billion dollars on roads they increased the surface area from 387,000 miles to 1,000,000 miles.
The automobile also changed peoples minds about one another with the ability to travel they were more exposed to each other. They could mingle and see people with different ethnicity and religions. The automobile also required gasoline and rubber tires which also opened up more jobs for America.
The automobile changed America, by the 1920’s the automobile had firmly been established as the newest and most popular method of transportation. It helped people with jobs and also helped promote vacationing and the mingling of different religions. If it were not for the automobile the world would be a much different place!


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